Get That Gorgeous, Sunless Tan With Eco Tan

Sunless tanning is not rocket science. To achieve a “natural” fake tan, you need to follow a few pointers and use trustworthy tanning solutions only. Don’t let your past tanning mistakes haunt you forever. Get that perfect tan just in time for that important social event or special occasion. Pick up one of Eco Tan’s premium tanning formulas and experience golden bronze beauty all year round.

What is Eco Tan?

Eco Tan by Sonya takes a wholesome approach to sunless tanning. The key ingredients are sourced from Mother Nature and are known to be 100% effective and safe for regular use. You can never go wrong with Eco Tan products. The fake tan results that you get are close to that stunning earthy tone that you typically get from sunbathing.

Here are three best-selling organic fake tan products from Eco Tan sunless tanning line:

– Invisible Tan

One feature that we all look for in a sunless tanning lotion is easy application. Invisible Tan is probably the most hassle-free to use of all the self tanners on the market. Its velvety texture also nourishes the skin so you don’t have to worry about dryness or patchiness once the color develops on your skin. It’s quick dry formulation ensures that you don’t stain your clothes or sheets when you apply them before bed time.

The major selling factor of Invisible Tan is the deep natural tan that it delivers eight hours after application. It stays on longer, about 3 to 4 days, compared to other brands.

– Winter Skin

Winter Skin guarantees gradual sunless tanning that will make your skin look radiant and healthy. Getting a summer glow doesn’t happen overnight, but getting that subtle hint of bronze on your skin is possible to be developed while you sleep.

This cocoa-infused self tanner will develop on the skin two to four days after application. You don’t have to worry about synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances as Winter Skin, just like the rest of Eco Tan offerings are made from organic, natural ingredients.

– Face Tan Water

Face Tan Water is an exceptional tanning solution enriched with natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for optimum hydration, aloe vera for natural moisture and cooling properties, and rose geranium that makes it smell good.

This self tanning product was specifically made for the gentler areas of the body such as the face, neck, and décolletage. The instant tan on the face help women improves their skincare regime as it reduces their need to wear a foundation. With a healthy and attractive tan, women find it unnecessary to slap on makeup onto their faces.

Eco Tan products are exceptional skincare essentials that you should try soon! Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to kick start the season than to get that bronze glow on before heating the beach with Eco Tan! If you’re wondering where to buy Eco Tan products, we are happy to announce that we are selling its full range of self tanners and skincare essentials.

Steps in Applying a Face Tanning Lotion

A sunless tanning lotion is the one you apply all over your body to produce a darker skin color. However, note that when it comes to the face, you cannot apply the same one that you have applied on the other parts of your body. When it comes to tanning the face, you should apply the face tanning lotion.

The face tanning lotion is the one specifically designed for your face because it offers the essential nutrients that your face needs. For one, it contains nutrients that maintain the health of your skin and the proper moisturising ingredients. Hence, the face tanning lotion is not out of the question when you consider tanning your whole body. To properly put on the face tanning lotion, here are three steps that you should follow:

To properly apply a face tanning lotion, you should check if your face does not contain any traces of makeup, face powder or any other cosmetics. If you still have some, remove them with a makeup remover. Afterwards, do not forget to exfoliate your face. Exfoliation leaves the face perfectly refreshed and clean.

Should you want a more moisturized feel, you can mix a light moisturizing face lotion with the face tanning lotion. However, make sure that the moisturizer is only mixed in small amounts as it can affect the results of the tan. Big amounts of moisturizer can affect the concentration of the face tanning lotion, and thereby make your face appear significantly lighter than the rest of your body.

The next step is to properly apply the face tanning lotion. The face is the hardest one to apply, and the one that needs most attention. With this, you have to make sure that the tanner is applied evenly throughout your face. Use your fingers to rub circular motions on your face and neck, but make sure to not run your fingers across the eyebrows and the lips. To address this, use a cotton swab to apply the skin near the lip and eyebrow line.

Applying the face tanning lotion on moles and freckles can make them appear darker. It might be impossible to avoid every single mole or freckle, but you might want to at least minimize the effect on the larger ones. Hence, use cotton swabs to avoid the large moles and freckles.

Lastly, some of the tricky parts of the face involve the back of the head and ears. Make sure that your hair is fixed upwards through a ponytail or a shower cap. You might want to ask a friend to apply the face tanning lotion at the back of your ears and neck.

These three steps can bring out the best results when followed religiously. So, after you have perfectly applied the tanning lotions to your face and body, head outside and show-off that flawless, sun-kissed tan!

Pros and Cons of Antibacterial Soaps and Sprays

Everyone and everything contains germs. In and of themselves, they are not dangerous to you but can be if they are transmitted to others. Protection from foreign germs is available in the form of antibacterial products. But, are they effective?

Let’s weigh in on the issue, starting with the pros of using antibacterial soaps and sprays. Antibacterial substances stop the growth of bacteria. Bacteria are organisms that cause infections. Infections weaken the immune system and can make you very sick.

Anything that stops bacteria from growing is supposed to be good for you. Antibacterial soaps provide an additional layer of protection for your skin. If you have cuts, they can help prevent infections.

Hand washing is important to help stop the spread of germs. Using soaps that contain triclosan and other antibacterial substances can stop you from spreading colds, flu and other conditions. These soaps also stop the spread of bacteria like salmonella that are present in raw poultry.

Hand sanitizers contain a large percentage of alcohol which will kill bacteria on the skin and prevent it from entering your body. Because the alcohol is fast drying, there is no residue left on the skin. You can use them anywhere you don’t have water but need to keep your hands clean.

Now, take a look at the flip side of the situation. Many seem to believe that the abundance of antibacterial soaps and sprays have led to a race of “superbugs” that are resistant to antibiotics. Many antibacterial soap leaves a long-lasting residue on the skin. Normally, you would think that this would protect you but it can actually begin to kill the good bacteria on your skin, leaving the way open for more resistant ones to invade.

Hand sanitizers seem to be the answer, but are they? Using too much alcohol can dry the skin. Especially in winter, cracked skin can open you up for infections.

Even with antibacterial soaps the problem often comes down to technique. Many people don’t know how to wash their hands effectively. After you apply the soap to your hands with the soap, take fifteen seconds to work it into lather, cleaning your fingernails too.

If you wash your hands too quickly, it doesn’t give you maximum benefit. You could leave many of the germs intact. This can occur with regular soap. Also, regular soap can remove as many germs if you observe proper hand washing techniques.

So, should you use antibacterial products? That is up to you. Hand sanitizers will protect you when washing your hands is not convenient. Antibacterial soaps protect longer if you need it. When you use them, moderation is the best medicine.

Cooking with Green Tea

Recently it has become popular to cook with green tea. In powder and liquid form it’s so easy to use, delicious and good for you it’s really no surprise. You may ask why people would try to cook with such a thing. Well green tea is filled with a wide array of health benefits. It lowers cholesterol, is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact most Asian countries have used green tea for cooking purposes for these very reasons. The other reason would be flavor. Green tea has a very distinct flavor that many enjoy and cannot be easily emulated by anything but green tea itself.

So now the big question, “How do I cook with green tea?” Well as I said earlier it’s really very easy to do. A very simple way is to substitute the water in a recipe with brewed green tea (at room temperature or as specified by the recipe). This is probably the best way for someone who is experimenting with a recipe or this style of cooking. When you do this keep in mind that you want the green tea to be strong. The stronger the tea is the more flavor and color will remain in the end product. This is why loose leaf tea is generally recommended.

You may also just want to look for green tea recipes. I see new ones popping up every day. Simply go online and search for “green tea” and your favorite recipe. You may be surprised to find several already available.
A lot of green tea recipes will ask for green tea powder or matcha. This is ground up green tea leaves. Matcha specifically is ground up Gyokuro leaves and is used for tea ceremony purposes. You will find matcha generally more expensive than green tea powder, which can be made from almost any green tea. However you may find matcha worth the extra price for those specially recipes.

If you have never done it, I recommend buying green tea powder or matcha and trying it on some of your favorite recipes. You will find it amazing how much color and flavor one teaspoon of this stuff can provide.