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The concept of Body Earth Self
It’s quite simple, if we take care of our bodies and respect them. Then we will have respect for the Earth, our home. Because we are  not polluting our bodies we will not wish to pollute the Earth. As we respect our bodies and the earth we have greater respect for ourselves or that higher aspect of ourselves.
It is not enough to say “respect your earth” we must also respect the body as an extension of the earth. If this concept spreads like the story of  The Hundredth Monkey did, then the future of life on earth may be a lot brighter!

Here you’ll find information you need to help you improve yourself and change the planet. You’ll learn about earth-friendly products and ideas to help simplify your life. The information will give you the power to make healthy choices!

This planet is truly beautiful and lovely and will touch your heart and soul if you really give it a chance to and take it in. It can and will change your life, your attitude, and your perspective on everything.

All these articles that you have before you are examples of living close to nature and showing love, compassion, and respect for the earth. We are always discussing and promoting the very writing that you see here. If you are intrigued please contact us and introduce yourself.

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